HMS Sutherland Sailors Head to a Charity Mission

HMS Sutherland Sailors Head to a Charity Mission

Five Royal Navy sailors from HMS Sutherland have left Invergordon – where the ship is currently in port – to try and find their way back to their home port of Plymouth.

They have just their wits, charm and leadership skills to rely on – no mobiles, no money, no credit cards… and, worse still, they’re against the clock! Can they do it?

The five men were selected in secret from the 180-strong crew for a challenge, which will see them raising money en route for the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

Setting out from the ship in the Cromarty port at midday April 29, the mission – termed Highland Escape Challenge – for the quintet is to see whether they can make the 833 mile journey home via London by varying means before the ship, which leaves Invergordon on Wednesday morning and should arrive in Plymouth on Friday morning.

After being waved off by their fellow crew members, they were last seen heading towards the dock gates with a rucksack of clothes and basic supplies and a collecting can each, possibly heading in the direction of Edinburgh.

The lucky chosen five are Master At Arms Dean Latham from Salford, Manchester, age 38; Petty Officer (Above Water Tactical) Russell Simpson from Plymouth, age 34; Leading Chef Brad Morton from Castleford, age 25; Engineering Technician (Marine Engineer) Steve Weaver from Droitwich age 27; and Able Rate (Warfare Specialist) David Grey from Rye age 29.

And, as if all that weren’t difficult enough, they can look forward to an additional secret daily challenge, which they must also complete.

If anyone sees them en-route they would be delighted to receive some supportive cheers – and a donation, too. They could turn up anywhere next!

Naval Today Staff, May 1, 2013; Image: Royal Navy