US Navy Announces FY13 Special Duty Pay Recertification

US Navy Announces FY13 Special Duty Pay Recertification

The Navy announced the annual recertification of Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) for Fiscal Year 2013 in a Navy message released April 30.

SDAP is an incentive pay ranging from $75 to $450 a month used to entice qualified personnel to accept designated assignments and to sustain adequate manning levels.

In order to qualify for SDAP, Sailors must be assigned to and working in a valid billet on the command Manpower Authorization Listing. This billet must be authorized by the Bureau of Naval Personnel as a Special Duty Assignment billet in the latest SDAP message, currenlty NAVADMIN 076/13.

SDAP recertification is conducted annually to ensure commands are maintaining an accurate account of member’s eligibility for SDAP. Recertification began with the release of NAVADMIN 114/13, and continues through Aug. 31.

Commands are encouraged to complete the recertification early. Early submission allows time for errors to be corrected prior to the deadline and avoid overpayments and inadvertent stoppage of SDAP.

Recertification is typically completed by a command’s admin department or personnel officer with the commanding officer recertifying each member. By direction signatures are not authorized and will not be accepted. SDAP will be terminated, retroactive to June 1, 2013 for commands that fail to complete the required certification by the deadline.

Naval Today Staff, May 2, 2013; Image: US Navy