NAS Meridian Hosts US Navy Assistant Secretary’s First Visit

NAS Meridian Hosts US Navy Assistant Secretary's First Visit

The acting assistant secretary of the US Navy (energy, installations and environment) toured Naval Air Station (NAS) Meridian, May 1.

Roger Natsuhara’s first visit to NAS Meridian included a comprehensive survey of base facilities and discussions with installation leadership. Natsuhara expressed great interest in the installation’s energy management programs and projects. He also received a command brief covering the full portfolio of NAS Meridian’s missions and services and ate breakfast with command and tenant leadership personnel before embarking on the tour.

 “My job is to make sure that the runways, airspace and base personnel of NAS Meridian are protected and available so we can support the fleet,” Natsuhara said. “The purpose of this visit was to familiarize myself with the vital facilities here so I can better answer questions about the abilities and requirements of the area.”

U.S. Navy energy policy and its implementation at the installation level received considerable attention during Natsuhara’s visit. He provided a strategic perspective on the Navy’s energy policy and recommendations on its implementation at the installation level.

 “Mr. Natsuhara heard first-hand about NAS Meridian’s operational successes and unparalleled reputation for tenant and warfighter support,” said Capt. Charles C. Moore II, Naval Air Station Meridian commanding officer. “He seemed impressed with the excellent civil-military relationship between the station and community, and by the lack of encroachment concerns. The hard work of everyone who lives and works at NAS Meridian was on full display and directly led to a very successful and productive visit.”

Natsuhara ended the day with a turn in the flight simulator during which he practiced taking off from the deck of a carrier and flying in formation over Lauderdale County, Miss.

 “NAS Meridian is a real jewel of the Navy,” Natsuhara said. “Its mission is critical, and the people here are top-notch. This base can stand up against any other in the world.”

Naval Today Staff, May 3, 2013; Image: US Navy