UK: Commodore Slawson Bids Farewell to HMS Sultan

Commodore Slawson Bids Farewell to HMS Sultan

It’s the end of an era for Commodore Mark Slawson as the commanding officer of HMS Sultan. Commodore Slawson made his exit in style, riding past in HMS Sultan’s own Super Sentinel steam lorry as the Ship’s Company wished him farewell.

His departure from Sultan also marks the end of an impressive Naval career spanning thirty five years, six warships, a number of roles in the MOD’s Equipment and Support organisation and even a previous stint in HMS Sultan during the 1980s.

Commodore Slawson said:

“To have been in command of HMS Sultan for the past 3 years has been an enormous honour and privilege.

“HMS Sultan has a well deserved reputation as a welcoming, friendly and professional establishment.”

“I am leaving HMS Sultan to take up the ultimate promotion (becoming a civvy!) with mixed feelings.

“Anticipation and some excitement at the challenges that lie ahead, coupled with a huge pride in the establishment I am leaving, and enormous affection for the people that work within it.”

The reins of the RN’s largest Engineering Training establishment have now been handed over to Captain Trevor Gulley, previously the head of the Royal Navy’s Marine Engineering School, also based in HMS Sultan.

Press Release, May 6, 2013; Image: Royal Navy