USA: Chief of Navy Reserve Visits RTC

The Chief of Navy Reserve visited Recruit Training Command (RTC) May 2-3 as part of a larger visit to the Chicago area.

Vice Adm. Robin R. Braun served as the reviewing officer (RO) for the pass-in-review ceremony at RTC’s Midway Ceremonial Drill Hall, during which 855 recruits, after completing recruit training requirements, became Sailors.

“I can only imagine your excitement today celebrating graduation,” said Braun. “With your eight challenging weeks behind you, you should be extremely proud. You have earned the title of Sailor and shipmate. I would like to recognize that people are our most important assets. Without our young men and women our ships and submarines cannot operate. Standing before us is our future. I salute you”

Aside from serving as the RO for the pass-in-review graduation, Braun made a special point to meet with reservists who are serving as Recruit Division Commanders (RDC), to thank them for the daily impact they have made on the active duty fleet. She noted that reservists have become an integral component to the success of recruit training at Great Lakes.

May 4, Braun visited the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC) Chicago and participated in an awards ceremony during their afternoon all-hands call. Braun discussed a wide variety of issues facing the U.S. Navy Reserve Force and to listen to reservists’ questions and concerns.

Before addressing the Sailors of the NOSC, Braun, along with the commanding officers and members of the Navy League presented awards to nine junior reserve Sailors.

“I am always happy to be back in the Chicago area,” said Braun. “I served at Naval Air Station Glenview from 1992-94. Yesterday I had the honor of speaking at the graduation at Recruit Training Command. I met many of the graduates the evening before and I can tell you it was exciting seeing our future.”

The admiral offered a wide variety of non-traditional possibilities for Navy Reservists currently available.

“Not many reservists are aware that Recruit Training Command (RTC) is looking for recruit division commanders,” said Braun. “Positions are available to those who meet specific requirements. If you are interested, seek out your unit and NOSC career counselors for more details.”

One of the last issues Braun covered before taking questions from her audience was that of the Returning Warrior Workshop (RWW) for those Reserve Sailors who had mobilized and deployed around the world.

“If you have deployed, you should really consider attending one of the RWW weekends. I know that when I attended the RWW I found it to be a wonderful experience,” said Braun. “They are free and a great opportunity for a returning Sailor to network and to meet with Veterans Affairs officials and community leaders. It is also a chance for the Reserve Sailor and spouse to get a paid weekend away and a chance to see that you are not alone.”

Braun is in charge of nearly 110,000 Ready Reserve Sailors. The mission of the Navy Reserve is to deliver strategic depth and operational capability to the Navy, Marine Corps, and Joint Forces.

Press Release, May 7, 2013