Polish Navy Tests Its Search & Rescue Readiness within BALTIC SAREX

Polish Navy Tests Its Search & Rescue Readiness within BALTIC SAREX

From Monday to Friday, May 13-17, Polish rescue ship ORP Zbyszko and SAR helicopter Mi-14PL/R will take part in BALTIC SAREX exercise around Bornholm. Their main task is to conduct and coordinate (when requested) Search and Rescue operations and to maximize their efficiency and cooperation with multinational forces at sea.

BALTIC SAREX 2013 is a multinational maritime live Search and Rescue exercise in the Baltic Sea. The exercise comprises theoretical discussions, practical exercises, feedback and social events involving 30 ships and 10 fixed wing aircraft and helicopters from nine European countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden).

The participating ships, aircraft and helicopters all have a real day-to-day role in their respective country’s Search and Rescue readiness organizations. The aircraft are partly incorporated in the surface portions of the exercise and partly operated independently in order to secure ample time for training aircraft control in a Search and Rescue scenario.

The exercise with so many capabilities and experts present is so far the only event of its kind in Northern European waters. Besides the obvious professional outcome and support of cooperative efforts, the exercise is a fine example of the political will, dedication and interest in the field of multinational, maritime ability to cooperate in areas of Search and Rescue.

Press Release, May 14, 2013; Image: Polish Navy