USS Pinckney Commemorates Anzac Day 2013

USS Pinckney Commemorates Anzac Day 2013

The Ship’s Company of the USS Pinckney made sure their Australian shipmate CPOCSM Chris Boardman was able to commemorate Anzac Day 2013 appropriately, by holding their own Anzac Day service onboard the US Navy Destroyer.

CPO Boardman has joined the USS Pinckney (home ported in San Diego) on exchange from the Royal Australian Navy to gain a deep level of practical knowledge and experience in the operation of the Aegis Weapon System, which will be built into the Hobart Class DDGs which are due to first enter service for the Royal Australian Navy in mid 2016.

USS Pinckney Commemorates Anzac Day 2013.

Two other sailors are also participating in similar training-focused embeds with the US Navy, one in the USS Wayne E. Meyer, and the other in the Aegis Training and Readiness Centre (ATRC) in Dahlgren, Virginia.

Although tradition does not dictate that US Service men and women stop to commemorate Anzac Day, the USS Pinckney has participated in Anzac Day services for the past three years in support of their Australian friends and allies, and 2013 was no exeption – ensuring CPO Boardman did not miss the opportunity to pay his respects.

Press Release, May 14, 2013; Image: Australian Navy