UK: Royal Navy Successfully Tests QinetiQ’s New On-Board Email Management Tool

Royal Navy Successfully Tests QinetiQ’s New On-Board Email Management Tool

QinetiQ’s new on-board email management tool, PRIME, has been successfully tested by The UK Royal Navy Command as part of a project focused on improving the Royal Navy’s email management capabilities and bandwidth.

The Royal Navy’s vessel to shore, shore to vessel bandwidth, has historically had limited capacity and this has been put under further pressure in recent years with the rapid growth in volumes of information exchange. QinetiQ has subsequently developed an on-board email management tool to maximise network availability and prioritise email communications received.

PRIME helps maximise Maritime Wide Area Network availability for deployed ships and submarines by enabling users to determine what email they access over the network prior to downloading it, ensuring the available bandwidth is used more efficiently. PRIME was successfully trialled on HMS Illustrious, the UK’s high readiness helicopter and commando carrier;

“It was a very successful trial. We went from initial concept to software integration and successful on-board testing all within the defined time-scales. This is the type of technology we need and being able to test and demonstrate its capabilities in live operations is key,” observed Lt Cdr James Holgate.

“We are very pleased that the trial was a success. The information management software that Royal Navy Command tested is one of a number of bespoke software tools that we have developed in support of our extensive range of Command Information Systems Services that we deliver to the global defence and emergency services market,” said Stuart Hider, Head of Maritime Systems, QinetiQ.

Press Release, May 15, 2013; Image: QuinetiQ