E-CO, BAE Systems to Improve HVAC on British Warships

E-CO, BAE Systems to Improve HVAC on British Warships

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solution provider, E-CO, is working with BAE systems to improve the operating capacity of HVAC systems on British Royal Navy warships.

E-CO UK was commissioned by BAE Systems to improve air treatment units on 14 Type 23 British Royal Navy frigates. The work will significantly improve the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) capacity by more than 50 per cent in most cases and will save around £8 million pounds in maintenance costs over the life of each vessel, whilst avoiding expensive systems upgrades.

With an increase in modern technology onboard, and many of the Type 23 warships stationed in extreme tropical climates, the vessels’ air conditioning systems are required to operate at their optimum performance, however biofilm contamination on the heat exchange plates was restricting airflow and reducing thermal efficiency.

During a six-month trial, E-CO’s UVC light emitters were fitted into the warships’ air terminal units. Monitoring showed an improvement to system airflow and in performance of the units, taking them back to their original design parameter.

E-CO has received a prestigious BAE Chairman Bronze Award for the achievements so far. Open to all businesses that work with BAE Systems across the world, these awards are given to recognise people whose ideas, actions and behaviours make BAE systems a better, more competitive company.

Hillary Spicer, Founder and Director of E-CO, said:

“We are very proud to be working with BAE Systems and receiving this award was welcome recognition of the work we’ve done.

“Our UVC equipment will improve the efficiency of the air conditioning systems and will prolong their lifespan. They will also save energy, reduce maintenance, cleaning and running costs and because our systems are proven to kill off viruses, bacteria & fungal pathogens, will reduce potential spread of sickness amongst the crew on the vessels.

“I believe this product should be in every air conditioning unit in every building in the UK. I’m delighted that BAE have recognised the huge benefits and I’m looking forward to taking this simple innovation further.”

Brian Cable, T23 Frigate Mechanical Systems Design Authority for the MOD’S Defence, Equipment and Support Organisation, said:

“HVAC Systems are incredibly important to ensuring that our fleet of ships operate efficiently, especially in extreme climates. This new equipment will not only provide an effective system but will deliver significant savings to the tax payer too.”


Press Release, May 16, 2013