Spanish Replenishment Ship ‘Cantabria’ Docks in Garden Island Naval Base

Spanish Replenishment Ship ‘Cantabria’ Docks in Garden Island Naval Base

The Spanish fleet replenishment ship ‘Cantabria’ arrived yesterday at Garden Island Naval Base, after nearly a month deployed in the north of Australia. This naval base will be the ship’s home port until her return to Spain in November.

During those four weeks, ‘Cantabria’ collaborated with the RAN frigates HMAS ‘Sydney’ and HMAS ‘Parramatta’ providing logistic support, including replenishment at sea, and carrying out a comprehensive exercise calendar.

This training has shown the versatility of ‘Cantabria’ in tropical waters and her prolonged logistic support capabilities out of base. Also significant is her seaworthiness and maneuver capability during the outward and return voyages through the ‘Great Barrier Reef’.

During her deployment, ‘Cantabria’ visited the northern Australian cities of Cairns (Queensland) and Darwin (capital of the Northern Territory). The RAN programmed a port-call of ‘Cantabria’ in Cairns on April 25th to participate in the festivities to celebrate the ANZAC day.

ANZAC is the acronym of joint units of Australian and New Zealand military contingents always characterized by their commitment and spirit of sacrifice in all battles where they have participated. The ANZAC Day has become a symbol of national identity for both nations. They honor and remember with pride and respect all those who gave their lives for their countries.

Spanish Replenishment Ship ‘Cantabria’ Docks in Garden Island Naval Base1

After four months in Australia,  ‘Cantabria’ is fully integrated into the Royal Australian Navy. The ship’s crew consists of 142 men and women under the command of Spanish Navy Commander José Luis Nieto. There are two crew rotations scheduled during the deployment, the first one at the end of May.

Apart from the Spanish crew, several Australian military personnel have also embarked during the voyages, exercises and drills. They have integrated wonderfully in the daily routine of the ship.

Press Release, May 20, 2013; Image: Spanish Navy