Australia: Introduction into Service for NUSHIP Canberra’s Crew Member

Introduction into Service for NUSHIP Canberra's Crew

Leading Seaman Marine Technician Nathan Cook is one of the commissioning crew for NUSHIP Canberra and is now undertaking Introduction into Service (IIS) Training at the new BAE Systems – Maritime Contractor Temporary Training Facility at Mascot, Sydney.

The former warehouse has been converted to a state of the art facility for delivery of LHD training and is equipped with Part Task Trainers and complex simulator suites. One such trainer is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Laboratory that allows technicians to fault find and perform maintenance on components of the ship’s Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS).

LS Cook posted to Williamstown in February this year as part of the ship’s advance engineering staff to learn about the IPMS. He works alongside BAE Systems-Maritime sub-contractor Sage onboard Canberra observing and learning about maintenance of the IPMS, but this week he is in the classroom learning how PLCs are integral to the functioning of IMPS.

With first hand knowledge of the ship he will be able to communicate the application of the technology to other engineering department members, thereby providing real-life transference of knowledge from ship to system.

“I’m trying to increase my knowledge to pass onto the next group of guys. I’m to be the conduit of information,” LS Cook says.

“The technology installed by BAE Systems, which we are using is very intelligent. In the case of the IPMS, we have a 3D imagery of the ship and its system. It integrates all of the propulsion and power as well as ships auxiliary systems, providing us with a bigger picture of the whole ship and a lot more information than we’ve ever had before.

“New approaches to training have been developed to meet the needs of the new technology. The way we are looking at doing things for Canberra is different. It’s challenging but it’s exciting at the same time.

“Training sailors on these simulators before they join the ship is definitely a smarter way to prepare them. Their knowledge base will be better so they will hit the ground running when they join,” LS Cook said.

A sailor of ten years, LS Cook said he has been amazed at how much he has learned by being in the ship and is looking forward to operating the modern technology at sea.

 “I’ve been on FFGs but joining NUSHIP Canberra has reinvigorated my Navy career. It has reset the button and although daunted by how much there is to learn, I’m excited, LS Cook said.

Training Force will provide training management support to the Program in the conduct of acquisition training for the first crews of LHD1 and LHD2 at this contractor training facility, with BAE Systems – Maritime instructors delivering the training.

Press Release, May 23, 2013; Image: RAN