Defence Force Exercises in North West Australia

Defence Force Exercises in North West Australia

The Royal Australian Navy submarine HMAS Dechaineux has recently conducted a patrol through the North West Australia area in the vicinity of important oil and gas infrastructure.

During the patrol the submarine took the opportunity to exercise with a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) AP-3C Orion aircraft in order to prove the effectiveness of joint air and sub-surface security patrols.

Dechaineux and the AP-3C Orion practiced various elements of Anti Submarine Warfare while transiting the area, which challenged both the submarine and the aircraft.

Navy’s Commander Submarine Force Captain Mark Potter said Australian Defence Force units such as ships, submarines and aircraft regularly patrolled the North West Shelf.

“Obviously the advantage submarines have is that they are covert, and hence their presence may or may not be observed,” Captain Potter said.

“By patrolling the North West Shelf, Dechaineux illustrated that submarines can be used for a variety of roles and functions. The exercise with the RAAF AP-3C also continued to challenge and hone the Anti Submarine Warfare skills of both units.”

Australian Defence Force patrols are conducted as part of the Australian Government’s robust maritime security framework to safeguard against unlawful interference with off-shore facilities.


Press Release, May 24, 2013; Image: Australian Navy