UK: Sea Cadets Tour HMS Edinburgh

Sea Cadets Tour HMS Edinburgh

Sea Cadets have been given a three-day sea-going experience on the last ship in its class as HMS Edinburgh continues on her farewell tour of the UK.

The aging Type 42 destroyer is the last of her class to be decommissioned as they make way for the brand new and hugely capable Type 45 destroyer – of which five have already been accepted into Service.

The 10 cadets from TS Valiant in Dunbar joined the Portsmouth-based ship as she left London and stayed on board for her transit to Leith, Edinburgh where she is currently based for a host of celebrations with the city.

A key part of the Sea Cadet Corps mission is to give young people access to experience the Royal Navy, and teach them Naval and Military skills. The SCC acquaint was an ideal opportunity for them to spend two nights at sea and experience an operational warship at work.

The cadets were given tours around each section of the ship including the ship’s office, galley, main engine space, main communications room, Royal Navy Police office and also onto the bridge, where they had a go at steering the ship.

The following day, HMS Edinburgh put on a fire exercise in a machinery room in which the cadets were able to witness how fires are put out on board ships. Petty Officer James ’Crash’ Evans explained:

 “At sea there isn’t the option to be able to call the Fire Brigade so every single sailor on board is a trained firefighter and can deal any incident should it occur.”

Early Wednesday morning HMS Edinburgh made her way into Leith where the Sea Cadets departed back to their Unit after an extremely enjoyable visit. Petty Officer Mike Kaszuba, Commanding Officer of the Dunbar Sea Cadets said:

 “We have had a really great time on board. The cadets have been well looked after by all the crew and it has given them an insight on how a warship is run. The ships company have been a true inspiration.”

HMS Edinburgh will sail to Liverpool later this week to continue with the 70th anniversary commemorations of the Battle of the Atlantic. She will return home to Portsmouth Naval Base at the end of the month before finally decommissioning on the 6th June, marking the end of her 28 year service with the Royal Navy.

Press Release, May 24, 2013; Image: Royal Navy