ESPS Cantabria Welcomes CDF and CN Onboard

ESPS Cantabria Welcomes CDF and CN Onboard

The Chief of the Defence Force (CDF), General David Hurley, and the Chief of Navy (CN), Vice Admiral Ray Griggs, visited the Combat Support Ship ESPS Cantabria on 23 May, while the Spanish ship was at sea exercising with HMAS Melbourne off the coast of New South Wales.

The Spanish Armada Ship ESPS Cantabria arrived in Australia in mid February and is operating in support of the Royal Australian Navy until November 2013.

Cantabria’s deployment offers mutually beneficial training and assessment outcomes for both the Spanish Armada and the Australian Navy.

The agreement between the Spanish Armada and the Royal Australian Navy is a great example of what can be achieved when navies think creatively and look for cost-effective solutions.

Recently Cantabria was busy exercising in the East Australian Exercise Area with HMAS Newcastle and HMNZS Te Mana. During the exercises, a number of Australian Navy personnel were integrated into Cantabria’s crew working within a range of departments including communications, electrical and marine technical, medical, linguistics, engineering and training.

Currently, Cantabria is exercising with Melbourne as part of the Australian warships’ preparations for her upcoming deployment to the Middle East Area of Operations.

Many of Cantabria’s ship systems are the same as Navy’s new Canberra Class Landing Helicopter Dock ships and the Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers. Cantabria’s deployment provides Navy people with an opportunity to train and familiarise themselves on the new systems before they crew our Navy’s new ships.

During their visit, CDF and CN had the opportunity to observe the Spanish crew working with their Australian compatriots.

Press Release, May 27, 2013; Image: Australian Navy