HMS Collingwood’s Victory Squadron Praised for Contribution to Fareham, UK

HMS Collingwood's Victory Squadron Praised for Contribution to Fareham, UK

In recognition of their contribution to the Fareham Community, Matapan Division, Victory Squadron HMS Collingwood was honoured to receive the Mayor of Fareham’s Award, presented to them at the Mayor of Fareham’s Inauguration Ceremony held at the Ferneham Hall, Fareham on Thursday 9 May, two representatives of the Squadron; Warrant Officer 2 Sam Salt and Leading Hand Tracy Wilson were presented with the HMS Collingwood Award, by Councillor Denis Steadman outgoing Mayor of Fareham.

Matapan Division employs Royal Navy Phase 2 trainees who, for whatever reason, require a period in holdover before they resume their professional training.

Their time in Matapan is designed to gainfully employ the trainees either within HMS Collingwood or the wider community until they are able to rejoin their training.

For those in Matapan, it provides a unique opportunity to work outside the naval environment providing support and assistance to a wide range of interesting and diverse projects in the community.

The continued support offered by Matapan Division to the local community over the years has helped to cement a strong relationship between the Borough of Fareham and HMS Collingwood.

 Warrant Officer Salt said;

 “As a Fareham local I feel privileged to be in a position where my job allows me to support the local community. Receiving the Major of Fareham’s Collingwood Cup was an honour for both me and my team within Matapan. We look forward to providing long term support and liaison to the Fareham Borough area.”

Working closely with the local community, Matapan is involved in a variety of projects supporting local schools, clubs and organisations.

In Fareham, the Division has recently been involved in the Ashcroft Film Festival, a project funded by the Armed Forces Community Covenant fund, which supported students from Bridgemary Secondary School in their project to make a short film about life in the Royal Navy.

Trainees from Matapan were also extremely proud to form the guard to support the Fareham Remembrance Day commemorations and enjoyed meeting local dignitaries, veterans and members of the community at the reception held after the church service.

Finally Matapan has been delighted to provide support to the Whiteley Rotary Club in Fareham assisting with fundraising functions, where the trainees enthusiasm, bearing and interactions has garnered praise from a wide range of attendees and it has been agreed that the trainees presence helps make these occasions truly special.

Press Release, May 27, 2013; Image: Royal Navy