SPS Numancia Conducts Training with Djiboutian Coastguard

SPS NUMANCIA Conducts Training with Djiboutian Coastguard

During a recent port visit to Djibouti ships company from the EU NAVFOR warship ESPS Numancia conducted training in support of EUCAP NESTOR with the Djiboutian Coastguard. EUCAP NESTOR is the EU’s Maritime Capacity Building mission within the Horn of Africa region.

Members of the Djiboutian Coastguard were accompanied by Lieutenant Commander Fernando Díaz del Río, assigned to EUCAP NESTOR Djibouti. During two hours of training, members of the Engineering Department of the frigate conducted fire fighting training with the Djiboutians. As part of this a training scenario had been prepared on the flight deck of Numancia this allowed the coastguard team to practice how to start a motor pump, make use of autonomous breathing equipment and fight a fire both individually, with fire extinguishers, and as a team, using water hoses.

On completion of the training the Djiboutian Coastguard team and the EU teams shared refreshments including bread from the Numancia’s onboard bakery. The Commanding Officer of ESPS Numancia Commander Luis Diaz-Bedia Astor later addressed the teams on the flight deck to highlight how important the joint training serials are. This cooperation is in line with the EU’s Commitment to working with states off the Horn of Africa to help build security and stability in the region. EU Naval Force units are working closely with staff from the recently launched EUCAP NESTOR mission, which aims to secure a long-term resolution to the piracy problem by enhancing the coastal maritime capacity of the Horn of Africa countries. These training exercises allow better understanding of maritime units involved in counter piracy as well as the sharing of experiences and promoting best practice.

Press Release, May 28, 2013; Image: EU Navfor