USS Alabama Holds Change of Command Ceremony

The ballistic-missile submarine USS Alabama (SSBN 731) saw command of its Gold Crew pass from Cmdr. Kevin Schultz to Cmdr. Brody Frailey on May 24 during a ceremony at the Naval Undersea Museum.

“Suffice to say, I’ve been blessed with a great crew,” said Schultz, who had commanded Alabama’s Gold Crew since April 2011. “I’m proud of my crew for always conducting themselves as professional submariners with honesty, integrity, and a desire to do what’s best for the command.”

During his command tenure, Schultz guided the Gold Crew through three strategic deterrent patrols, including a 108-day patrol which ended in April 2013.

“I hope you will remember that every member of this crew is important to our mission,” Schultz said, “and everything we do on a day-to-day basis, including the professionalism in how we conduct traditional ceremonies like this change of command, contribute to the credibility and reliability of our strategic deterrence.

“I encourage you to continue to do your duties with the utmost professionalism and pride in defending your families, defending our freedom, and defending the American way of life.”

Schultz’s next assignment will be on the Navy staff as the Branch Head for Nuclear Policy (OPNAV N514).

Frailey, a native of La Mesa, Calif., returns for his third tour of duty in Bangor after two years as Current Operations Fleet Management Director for Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet/Commander Naval Forces Europe/Commander Naval Forces Africa.

Previously, Frailey performed department head tours aboard USS Nevada (SSBN 733) and USS Henry M. Jackson (SSBN 730) and served as Blue Crew executive officer of USS Louisiana (SSBN 743) from 2008-2010. He also spent time aboard Alabama prior to his first tour as a weapons officer.

“I have observed you all up close over the past month and studied your admirable exploits from afar during your most recent 108-day patrol,” Frailey said. “I am impressed with your efforts, and I am proud to be given the opportunity to go to sea with you as your captain.”

Alabama is one of eight Ohio-class Trident ballistic missile submarines stationed at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, providing the survivable leg of the nation’s strategic deterrent forces.

Press Release, May 29, 2013