UK: Army Navy Combined Training Marine Engineering

Army Navy Combined Training Marine Engineering

The Defence School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE), HMS Sultan, one of the six recently formed Defence College of Technical Training schools, is currently delivering a 10 month joint Army/Navy Marine Engineers career course for a combined class of Army Corporals and Navy Leading Hands.

This progress in joint training will open the doors for far greater crossover between the traditional roles of the Navy and Army Marine Engineers.

“The course has attracted significant interest from the Army, as far as we are aware this is the first time that British servicemen have received joint career course training.

“We believe it will also be used as a template for other service trade groups who are prepared to embrace the inevitable drive towards tri-service training.”

Said Staff Sergeant Richie Walker, Assistant Course Manager (Royal Logistics Corps).

A media day has been arranged on the morning of the 4 June to showcase the joint ME275/ME702 course. Demonstrating visually impressive practical training serials routinely conducted within the Leading Engineering Technician training across the various facilities in DSMarE.

Serials on display will include trainees working on the large propulsion equipment, high voltage switchboards and electrical damage repair simulators.

For the Army, the joint training model, in addition to financial savings, will open the possibility of embedding soldiers with the Royal Marine Amphibious Assault squadrons who currently rely on the Navy for engineering support

The academic, technical and craft training received during the 42 week Leading Engineering Technician Qualifying Course gives the Royal Navy trainees the engineering knowledge to assume the responsibilities of a deputy Section Head on a variety of seagoing ships.

It also arms the individual with an NVQ Level 3 in Engineering Maintenance which is achieved once they complete mandatory engineering tasks in their sea training journal.

Press Release, May 30, 2013; Image: Royal Navy