Royal Fleet Auxiliary Gold River Returns to Plymouth, UK

Royal Fleet Auxiliary Gold River Returns to Plymouth, UK

Royal Fleet Auxiliary Gold Rover, a Small Fleet Tanker, has returned to Plymouth today after nearly two years on deployment keeping warships on station at sea.

The ship has travelled 91,860 nautical miles since leaving Portland in Dorset in August 2011 and racked up 7,789 man-hours on watch while refuelling and restoring Royal Navy ships on patrol with food, equipment, spares, medical supplies, water and other stocks.

RFA Gold Rover has spent most of its epic patrol in the South Atlantic with stops along the way at Gran Canarias, Ascension, St Helena, South Africa and Africa ensuring warships on patrol were kept at sea without the need to go into ports.

The Commanding Officer, Captain Nigel Budd RFA, said:

“I am delighted to be returning to UK after this very successful 21 month deployment.

“Our return is the end of a another chapter in the proud task of continuous RFA logistic support to the South Atlantic, which for the majority of the time has been provided by a ‘Rover’ class vessel.

“Of course the tasking and activities of the ships have evolved during this period, and I am proud that the ship and my ship’s company have been recognised for the versatility and fortitude that has shown in the widest range of activities and areas, all in the generally extreme conditions of the South Atlantic.”

“Not a bad achievement for an old lady!”

Press Release, June 3, 2013; Image: Royal Navy