USS William P. Lawrence Commemorates Battle of Midway

Sailors aboard guided-missile destroyer USS William P. Lawrence (DDG 110) commemorated the 71st anniversary of the Battle of Midway, June 3.

The commemoration included an invocation and a narration of the events leading up to the historic battle.

Cmdr. Jana Vavasseur, commanding officer, spoke during the ceremony and explained how inspiring it is to look back at what Sailors have accomplished.

“Today we honor the veterans of the Battle of Midway and we also honor the significance that Midway plays in our Navy’s history,” said Vavasseur.

Fought in June 1942, the Battle of Midway is widely considered the turning point in the Pacific theater of World War II. During the battle, the U.S. Navy sunk four Japanese aircraft carriers, one Japanese cruiser and destroyed 248 Japanese aircraft while only losing one aircraft carrier, one destroyer and 150 aircraft.

The Battle of Midway is considered a turning point in the Pacific, it was also a pivotal point for information warfare.

“To achieve victory at Midway,” said Chief Quarter Master Nicholas Smith, “our cryptological ancestors demonstrated that they were willing to be both persistent and creative when confronted with a challenge.”

During the presentation, Sailors took turns quoting someone who had participated in the battle and explained what their role was. The ceremony concluded with the cutting of a cake.

“As we commemorate Midway 71 years later, we consider its legacy and its continuing ability to inspire us,” said Smith. “We all should wonder if we will ever serve in such an honorable way, that it leaves a mark that sears itself into the culture of generations of Sailors and their families to come.”

Press Release, June 4, 2013