UK: HMS Edinburgh Deccommissioned (VIDEO)

HMS Edinburgh Deccommissioned

HMS Edinburgh, known as the ‘Fortress of the Sea’, has been decommissioned today at Portsmouth Naval Base bringing to an end the era of the Type 42 destroyers, according to

The ship was the nation’s last serving Type 42 destroyer, a veteran of the destroyer fleet known as the workhorses of the Royal Navy.

HMS Edinburgh’s White Ensign was lowered for the last time during the ceremony.

Edinburgh’s Commanding Officer, Commander Nick Borbone, said:

‘It will be a poignant day for all of us associated with HMS Edinburgh. It is also a day of celebration when we remember the 40 years of faithful service that ‘The Fighting 42s’ have given, manned by dedicated men and women, proud to serve in this world renowned class of ship.’

Type 42 destroyers have served in operations across the globe.

Naval Today Staff, June 6, 2013; Image: Royal Navy