Canada: Three Kingston-Class Vessels Set Sail for Coastal Operations

Three Kingston-Class Maritime Vessels Set Sail for Coastal Operations

Three Kingston-class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels will be conducting coastal operations and training off the coast of British Columbia until end July. As part of their scheduled port visits, the three warships will also visit Prince Rupert, B.C. and participate in the 35th Annual Seafest from Jun 7-9.

 “Crewed mainly by Naval Reservists, the Kingston-class vessels provide an excellent platform for coastal operations and mine counter-measure operations, as well as developing and training our more junior sailors,” said Rear Admiral Bill Truelove, Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific. “Our personnel are also delighted to participate in this year’s festivities in Prince Rupert and take this opportunity to engage with the community with whom the Royal Canadian Navy enjoys a wonderful relationship.”

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS) Whitehorse, Saskatoon and Nanaimo berthed at Atlin Terminal and HMCS Whitehorse was open to visitors on Friday and Saturday afternoon from noon to 4 p.m. On Saturday morning, members of the ships’ companies marched in the Seafest Parade and participated in some of the community events and games throughout the weekend.

Upon completion of the visit to Prince Rupert, Fleet Diving Unit (Pacific) will return to Esquimalt. HMCS Whitehorse, Saskatoon and Nanaimo will begin the sea phase of Maritime Surface and Sub-surface (MARS IV) training, which is the last phase for junior naval officer training before they graduate and join the fleet. The ships will also participate in Exercise DAWN BLITZ – a Mine Counter Measure exercise conducted with U.S. Third Fleet in the waters off the coast of San Diego. Exercises of this nature offer a valuable opportunity for the Canadian Armed Forces to maintain operational readiness to deploy on joint operations in a rapid and effective manner alongside the country’s allies.

Press release, June 10, 2013