HMAS Sydney to Participate in Exercise Pacific Bond 2013

HMAS Sydney to Participate in Exercise Pacific Bond 2013

Naval personnel and units from Australia, Japan and the United States are enroute to participate in a tri-lateral maritime exercise, Pacific Bond 2013, that is due to take place from 22nd to 26th June, 2013.

The exercise will be conducted in the western Pacific Ocean, in the vicinity of the Marianas Island chain. Pacific Bond is designed to test each participating nation’s naval coordination, planning and capability at a tactical level.

The Royal Australian Navy’s guided missile frigate, HMAS Sydney, will be taking part in the exercise as part of it’s embedding with the US Navy’s 7th Fleet George Washington Carrier Strike Group.

According to HMAS Sydney’s Commanding Officer, Commander Karl Brinckmann, some of the aims of the exercise involve improving interoperability and mutual understanding between the Royal Australian Navy, the United States Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

“This is particularly the case regarding anti-submarine warfare and surface surveillance operations,” CMDR Brinckmann said.

“Multi-lateral exercises such as Pacific Bond are crucial in enhancing the capability of participating maritime forces in support of our mutual desire to improve maritime security. Consistent multi-lateral training is central to developing Navy to Navy coordination and collaboration, which are critical in times of crisis.”

“Another focus of the exercise is to transfer sailors between the participating ships so they can see how each other operate at sea” he stated; “It is as much a cultural, as it is a professional exchange”.

HMAS Sydney’s embed is also greatly enhancing the Royal Australian Navy’s preparation for the incoming Hobart Class destroyers.

Press Release, June 24, 2013; Image: Australian Navy