Selex ES to Supply Titan 385ES-HD Turrets for German Navy

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has been awarded a contract worth €5 Million (£4.2 Million) by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Defence to supply a number of Titan 385ES-HD turrets for German Navy (Deutsche Marine) Sea Lynx Mk88A helicopters.

The Titan 385ES-HD (Enhanced Stability-High Definition) turrets will allow German Navy pilots to see their environment clearly while navigating and performing surveillance missions at night and in conditions of poor visibility. The turret payload includes a cooled, high-definition thermal imaging camera, an uncooled thermal imaging camera and a low-level light camera, all integrated on a stabilised platform. First deliveries are expected later this year.

The Turret is mounted in the upright position on the nose of the Lynx providing the pilot with a forward looking IR capability. Other configurations have the Turret installed in the pendulous position mounted below the aircraft, illustrating the versatility of the Titan System.

The order follows the German Navy’s successful use of earlier versions of Selex ES’s turrets including the Multi-Role Turret and the previous generation of the Titan turret, both of which are still in service today.

 “The Titan 385ES-HD allows crews to perform demanding missions at any time of day or night, even in poor weather conditions” said Mark Byfield, VP Marketing for Optronics & Communication Systems at Selex ES, adding “The stabilised, high definition image that the Titan provides can really give crews an edge when it comes to situational awareness”.

Press Release, June 24, 2013