Medical Staff Onboard HMAS Choules Hone Their Skills during Exercise Sea Lion 2013

Medical Staff Onboard HMAS Choules Honing Skills During Exercise Sea Lion 2013

Medical staff onboard HMAS Choules have been honing their skills in a number of areas during Exercise Sea Lion 2013.

A big part of the training being conducted by the MR2 (embarked medical team) and the ship’s medics involves Aeronautical Medical Evacuations. As the name suggests this involves a patient being transferred via an aircraft.

Also being tested and evaluated is the team’s ability to accommodate a range of emergency medical equipment in whatever transport is available at the time.

This could be anything from an MRH90 or S70A (Black Hawk) helicopter to a Fast Retrieval Craft.

Working out of the ship’s extensive hospital facility, the medical staff provides a vital capability for the Commander of the Task Force which would prove essential in any real life operations that may be thrown at an amphibious task group.

While not providing a surgical capability on this occasion, the medical team is able to provide a wide range of other life-saving services that are being tested on a daily basis thanks to realistic casualty simulation scenarios.

The medical team on Exercise Sea Lion 2013 consists of Navy and Army doctors, nurses and administrative medics – as well as the ship’s own medical sailors.

Press Release, June 26, 2013; Image: Australian Navy