Spain: NDLO, Navantia Ink Life Cycle Support Deal

NDLO, Navantia Inks Life Cycle Support Deal

NDLO and Navantia signed in Bergen a “Follow on Technical Support” for the maintaining and life support works of the F-310 class frigates built by Navantia, during the next 3 years.

The contract was signed on 26th of June by the Head of NDLO Naval Systems, Rear Admiral Morten Jacobesen and the Chairman of Navantia, José Manuel Revuelta.

The F-310 class frigates contract, signed on June 23 2000, has been a technological and operational success. The ships, equipped with the AEGIS Combat System, proven their capabilities in international missions integrated with other first class navies and provided the Royal Norwegian Navy with the antisubmarine and anti-air warfare, according to high requirements from NDLO.

The program of construction is considered to be successfully completed and the offset program is totally accomplished, which means this contract has generated positive industrial and commercial exchange that has enforced the relationship between Norway and Spain, and especially between Navantia and NDLO. The positive closure of the building contract and the excellent relationship has been essential for the formalization of this contract.

With the signing of this long term contract, Navantia will put at the disposal of NDLO and RnoN all its knowledge, capacity, resources and the experience accumulated in the design and maintenance of this type of vessels for the Spanish Navy and other navies around the world.

Press Release, June 27, 2013; Image: Navantia