Spanish Navy Establishes Cyber-Defense Section

Spanish Navy Establishes Cyber-Defense Section

The Telecommunications and Information Systems Division (DIVCIS) of the Spanish Naval Staff has given the go-ahead to the Cyber-defense Section. This department substitutes the Coordination and Security Section. It also takes on the planning, management and control of the military cyber-defense within the specific naval sphere.

The development of new technologies has brought about a new domain called cyberspace which significantly influences the day by day functioning of the nations, the wellbeing of citizens and the National Security.

Within a context of growing incidents which have jeopardized the security of public and private institutions, cybernetic defense has become one of the main challenges for security organizations at international and national level.

In Spain, both the National Defense Directive and the National Security Strategy underline the need to strengthen all preventive, detection and response measures against cyber attacks. In this sense, the Joint Cyber-defense Command of the Armed Forces has been recently set up.

Press Release, June 28, 2013; Image: Spanish Navy