Singapore MINDEF Promotes Its Officers

On the evening of 27 June, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) promoted 46 officers, 9 Military Experts and 3 Warrant Officers from the Royal Singapore Navy (RSN) at a promotion ceremony held at the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF).

At the ceremony, Minister for Defence Dr. Ng Eng Hen presented certificates to personnel promoted to the ranks of Senior Warrant Officer (SWO), Military Expert (ME) 7 and ME8, as well as Colonel and above. Chief of Defence Force Major-General (MG) Ng Chee Meng presented certificates to personnel promoted to the ranks of Master Warrant Officer (MWO), ME6, Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) and Senior Lieutenant Colonel. Senior MINDEF officials and SAF officers as well as spouses of the promoted peronnel were also present at the ceremony.

Some notable RSN personnel who were promoted include Director Military Intelligence/Chief Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Rear Admiral (One-Star) Joseph Leong Weng Keong who was promoted to Rear Admiral (Two-Star), Chief Naval Medical Officer Colonel (Doctor) Kang Wee Lee who was promoted to Rear Admiral (One-Star), and Fleet Commander Colonel Timothy Lo who was promoted to Rear Admiral (One-Star).

Also among the RSN promotees was MAJ Teo Swee Leng, Staff Officer of the Training Development Branch at HQ Training Command.

 “I am happy for the recognition, and am honored to be given the chance to contribute further to the RSN and to Singapore,” MAJ Teo said, who was promoted to the rank of LTC on 1 July.

Master Chief Naval Diving Unit MWO Ong Siang Thai, who is RSN’s first SWO after 1 July, agreed by saying: “I feel very honoured! I am also very thankful to the RSN and everyone who has given me the opportunity to serve and contribute to the organisation. This promotion will constantly remind me to discharge my duty diligently as most senior Warrant Officer, and to set a good example for the junior divers.”

Head of Personnel Relations, Operations and Support Branch at the Naval Personnel Department MAJ Lim Lin Kiat also looks forward to furthering his contribution to the RSN as a result of his promotion.

He commented: “I hope to be able to share my experiences and perspectives with the junior members of the Navy family, so that we can continue to work and contribute meaningfully to the organisation as one Navy Family.” MAJ Lim was promoted to the rank of LTC on 1 July.

Promotion comes with its own set of challenges, though, and MWO Ong added: “Coping with new and added responsibilities is never easy. I will have to self-reflect regularly, prioritise my work and balance my roles as much as I can. I’ll be giving my best shot for my formation and for the RSN.”

The SAF promotion exercise is part of an ongoing effort to recognise, reward and groom officers, MEs and warrant officers who have performed well and demonstrated potential to further contribute to the SAF.

Press Release, July 3, 2013