JEMAD Receives Briefing on FFG Numancia’s Role in Atalanta

JEMAD Receives Briefing on FFG Numancia's Role in Atalanta 2

The Chief of the Spanish Defense Staff (JEMAD), Admiral Fernando García Sánchez, visited FFG ‘Numancia’ on July 1st. The ship is deployed in Djibouti and integrated in EUNAVFOR’s operation ‘Atalanta’ since April 6th, fighting piracy in the Indian Ocean.

Once on board, JEMAD addressed the ship’s crew on behalf of the Minister of Defense and on hiJEMAD Receives Briefing on FFG Numancia's Role in Atalanta 1s own behalf, to thank on their endeavors and congratulate them for the success of the operation. He encouraged them not to lower their guard despite the fact that piracy is now in its weakest moments.

Before concluding the visit, the commanding officer of the ‘Numancia’, Commander Luis Díaz-Bedia, briefed JEMAD on the details of the operation within which 31 vessels have been challenged and searched, and two medical evacuations were also arranged. So far, the ship has been 101 days out of base since her departure from Rota Naval Base sailing nearly 20,000 miles in 84-day  runs.

Press Release, July 5, 2013; Image: Spanish Navy