British Navy Spends USD 45 Mln on ScanEagle UAV

Royal Navy Spends USD 45 Mln on ScanEagle UAV

The Royal Navy just spent $45 million on the ScanEagle UAV, which is part of a market set to be worth $8.35 billion by 2018, according to a recent market intelligence report. One thing is clear: the role of UAVs in maritime reconnaissance and surveillance is becoming a key area for development and investment right now.

 Captain Ian Annett, RN, confirmed that: “ScanEagle represents an important addition to the Royal Navy’s intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability.”

Philip Dunne, UK Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, also backed the development, saying that “continued investment in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems is essential to keeping our Armed Forces up-to-date with the latest capabilities and this will be a central part of MOD’s investment in new equipment over the next 10 years.”

Press Release, July 17, 2013; Image: Boeing