UK: Second Sea Lord Welcomes Home Crew of Second Mine Countermeasure Squadron

Second Sea Lord Welcomes Home Crew of Second Mine Countermeasure Squadron

Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral David Steel; personally met Crew 1 of the Second Mine Countermeasure Squadron yesterday during an informal ceremony onboard HMS Victory, in recognition of their achievements during a 6 and a half month deployment to the Gulf.

MCM 2 Crew 1 who served onboard the Atherstone, a Hunt class mine counter measures vessel, returned to Portsmouth on the 16 June 2013 after taking part in a high profile International Mine Counter Measures Exercise.

She also completed over 100 runs with her Seafox mine disposal system, and provided further assurance to Merchant shipping by conducting Mine Counter Measures throughout the region of which lie some of the world’s busiest and most vital shipping routes.

Throughout her deployment, the crew remained at the very forefront of the Royal Navy operational spear often working in collaboration with other UK assets as well as international partners.

In recognition of the crew’s achievements, Vice Admiral David Steel said,

“I can think of no more suitable place to welcome you home, than HMS Victory.

“On behalf of First Sea Lord and myself, we fully appreciate the high level of operation involved in your most impressive of deployments and we do not underestimate the significance of your role in the Royal Navy.”

The Commanding Officer of MCM2 Crew 1, Lt Cdr Ben Vickery said:

“It has been a privilege to command MCM2 Crew 1 in HMS Atherstone during her deployment to the Gulf.

“The Crew have performed to the highest standards delivering tangible operational effect throughout and illustrating the very best of the RN ethos in often testing and demanding conditions, whilst further enhancing the RNs reputation as a world leader in the field of Mine Counter Measures.”

The crew are now serving onboard HMS Hurworth, a Hunt Class Mine Countermeasures Vessel based in HMNB Portsmouth, as part of the Second Mine Counter Measures Squadron.

HMS Hurworth continues to play a vital part in the Royal Navy’s worldwide MCMV commitments, in a variety of diverse theatres from the Middle East to the North Atlantic.

Press Release, July 19, 2013; Image: Royal Navy