USA: Training’s Force Master Chief Visits TSC Great Lakes

Training's Force Master Chief Visits TSC Great Lakes

Force Master Chief Jon Port, Naval Education and Training Command, visited Training Support Center (TSC) Great Lakes to get a firsthand look at training commands, as well as their efforts to raise sexual assault awareness and prevention among the Sailors, July 24.

Port met with members of the local chapter of the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) to praise them for their efforts in raising awareness of a variety of issues among the students including sexual assault and alcohol abuse.

“Your positive message of a life of service as Sailors and the rewards that come with that is the key to successfully getting the message across,” said Port. “CSADD is always supported, but not driven. You’re not directed and CSADD is yours; your thoughts, your initiative, your program, and your videos that end up on YouTube. That’s all your creativity and we are extremely impressed with everything you’re doing.”

Port visited with students and staff at the Surface Warfare Officer School Command Unit (SWOSU) Gas Turbine System Technician and Engineman schools. There, he focused on the Navy’s mission and the importance of personal and professional readiness to support and execute the Navy’s mission.

At the Center for Surface Combat Systems Unit (CSCSU) Port was shown the blended learning used to train and prepare Sailors for their upcoming roles in the fleet. Chief Operations Specialist James Reilly, an instructor at the Operations Specialist (OS) “A” School at CSCSU, led Port through a variety of labs including the chart plotting and the Ship Self-Defense System (SSD) lab simulator.

“We’ve tried to implement more standup, hands-on classroom so the students get an opportunity to really grasp concepts that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to understand,” said Reilly.

Port was shown the seamanship trainer, or USS White Hat, where Chief Boatswain’s Mate (SW) Anthony Lopez, an instructor at the CSCSU Boatswain’s Mate (BM) “A” School covered the basics of the BM training and Surface Common Core training program.

“I think his visits with the staff and students of TSC, SWOSU and CSCSU was important to his understanding of our mission and focus on training tomorrow’s Sailors,” said TSC Command Master Chief (SW/AW) Jeffrey A. Kirby.

Additionally, Port experienced firsthand the by-stander intervention training and was impressed with the students’ willingness to express their experiences and situations with their Navy Military Training Instructors (NMTI).

“As NETC’s Force Master Chief, he has heard about what Great Lakes is doing to train Sailors on sexual assault and prevention and how we indoctrinate new Sailors into follow-on military training and professional development,” said Kirby.

Port shared his deepest respect with each staff member for what the staff does, the sacrifices they and their families make and the importance of their efforts.

“I think it lifted the instructors’ spirits to know that the highest levels of NETC leadership understand the scope of their efforts and it’s not unrecognized or under appreciated,” said Port

Port was grateful for the opportunity to speak with staff and students at Great Lakes and expressed his high regard for the instructors.

“The attitude and professionalism of the instructors here is exactly what you hope it would be. Despite an increase in the number of Sailors coming through training, despite increase or decrease in money or equipment, it never changes the attitude of the instructors,” said Port. “The instructors stay focused, stay professional, and they provide the Sailors with exactly they need for the fleet. They are the reason fleet readiness starts with training.”

Press Release, July 31, 2013; Image: US Navy