US Navy’s MCPON Visits Naval Air Station Fallon

US Navy's MCPON Visits Naval Air Station Fallon

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)(AW/NAC) Mike D. Stevens visited Naval Air Station Fallon July 24.

This marked Stevens’ first visit to the base since assuming the role of MCPON earlier this year.

During the visit, he met with senior leadership throughout the base, held an all hands call, Chief Petty Officer call, ate lunch with the Sailors at the base galley, toured Navy Munitions Command, and Navy family housing and Morale, Welfare and recreation (MWR) facilities.

 “It’s always good to be back at NAS Fallon,” said Stevens. “Every time I come here and have the chance to meet with Sailors, civilians, and Navy families I am leaving rejuvenated and recharged.”

MCPON used the visit to discuss topics impacting today’s Navy and the Sailors who make it run. He also highlighted his “Zeroing in on Excellence” initiative.

 “My initiative provides us with a universal theme we can apply to our respective positions without distracting from or adding to our existing individual roles,” said Stevens. “The initiative provides a solid framework around which we can build sound and lasting readiness.”

Stevens also highlighted areas such as deployments and uniforms before opening the floor to a question-and-answer session with the Sailors. The questions were centered around the future for retirement, tuition assistance, and changes to the advancement system, as well as the Information dominance warfare qualifications.

MCPON was extremely impressed by the quality of the questions and recommendations he received from the Sailors at the E-6 and below all hands call.

 “These Sailors are true professionals who asked the tough questions and gave well-thought input on how to improve our Navy,” he said.

For Yeoman Seaman Recruit Kadijah Jones, the MCPON all hands call was the first all hands call in her Navy career and it left an impression.

 “He really made me pay attention,” said Jones. “I like the answers he gave to our questions. He addressed everything in depth and I was extremely impressed with his view on not wanting to start any new programs but becoming experts at the ones already in place. I am in total agreement with that.”

MCPON also toured Navy family housing and the Liberty Center while at NAS Fallon.

 “We are proud of our housing and the quality of life we give to Sailors and their families,” said Director of Military Relations Robert Jones. “MCPON needed to know that our focus has always been on the families and their needs. We will always strive to exceed expectations. As seen by our resident’s satisfaction surveys that is exactly what we are doing.”

MCPON received a brief on the MWR program and all Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) programs from Terry York, MWR department head. York talked about funding issues and cutbacks, but provided assurances that the programs, although slightly limited to save money, are still a viable alternative to off-base programs and entertainment,

Fleet engagements are intended to provide senior leadership with a frontline assessment of Sailors and what they are doing in the fleet.

Press Release, July 31, 2013; Image: US Navy