UK: Students from Universities in Yorkshire Get Taste of Royal Navy

Students from Universities in Yorkshire Get Taste of Royal Navy

Students from universities in Yorkshire have swapped their studies for an insight into Royal Navy training during a week at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall. The group of 15 students are part of the Yorkshire University Royal Navy Unit (URNU), which draws its members from Sheffield, Leeds, Hull and York universities.

During a packed programme at HMS Raleigh the students were able to meet some of the Royal Navy’s newest recruits and watch as they were put through their paces during their 10 week initial naval training course.

The students were able to get out onto the water to participate in boat handling training on the River Tamar and test their physical fitness and stamina by running the assault course.

Other highlights included a trip across the river to Devonport Naval Base for a tour of the submarine HMS Trenchant and a visit to the military training unit at HMS Raleigh to see where sailors are trained to use a variety of weapons.

Chief Petty Officer Paul Tock, Coxswain of the Yorkshire URNU, said:

“It was great for the students to have an insight into the initial recruit training. 

“The students themselves have all had a great time participating in various activities culminating in the assault course, where a few admitted they learnt a few things about themselves. 

“All in all a very successful trip throughout which we were made very welcome.”

Yorkshire URNU is one of 14 located around the UK supporting the countries’ leading universities in England, Wales and Scotland.

Each URNU is commanded by a RN Lieutenant who is responsible for 51 undergraduates.

The students join the URNU as RN Reservists for their three years at University and are given the honorary rank of Midshipman.

Training is conducted one evening a week in shore units at or near the university and at sea, over the weekends and during the vacations, by a dedicated Archer Class P2000, 20 metre patrol craft (for Yorkshire this is HMS Explorer).

Press Release, August 2, 2013; Image: Royal Navy