The Philippines: Coast Guard Rescues 11 Passengers

Coast Guard Rescues 11 Passengers

Eleven passengers, two of whom had to be rushed to a hospital due to dog bites, were successfully rescued by the personnel of Coast Guard Station (CGS) Cuyo from a distressed motor boat one nautical mile from Cuyo Pier in Palawan.

The incident was reported to CGS Cuyo last Monday, on 5 August.

According to Gacayan, the unnamed motorboat owned by a certain Leo Palao and operated by Rolly Cabailo Tabangay, encountered engine trouble near Cuyo Pier.

Upon receipt of the report, the Search and Rescue (SAR) Team composed of the personnel of CGS Cuyo together with Field Station (FS) 43 immediately rendered assistance to the distressed motor boat. Subsequently, the skipper of the boat was able to repair and restart the engine and departed the area as escorted by the SAR team bound for Cuyo Pier, Palawan.

Investigation revealed that the boat departed Barangay Manamoc, Cuyo, Palawan to ferry two victims that received dog bites, one of whom is pregnant, to a hospital. The victims were accompanied by nine relatives.


Press Release, August 8, 2013; Image: Coast Guard