HMS Montrose to Safeguard Shipping Lanes in the Middle East

HMS Montrose to Safeguard Shipping Lanes in the Middle East

The Royal Naval warship HMS Montrose sailed from its base-port in Plymouth yesterday for a seven-month deployment protecting shipping lanes in the Middle East.

As the most Scottish ship in the fleet, HMS Montrose embarked a tartan-clad bagpiper for the journey down the River Tamar playing Caledonian tunes as the ship sailed across Plymouth Sound and into the Channel.

HMS Montrose commanding officer Commander James Parkin said:

 “My ship’s company and I are ready for all of the upcoming challenges.

“Months of hard work and preparation have been put in by all of my team to get the ship ready in all respects to deploy, and I truly believe we are ready for anything.

“The training that we have received has put us in the best place possible to be able to conduct operations ranging from maritime security patrols and humanitarian relief operations all the way to high intensity war fighting.

The Gulf region holds a particular importance to the UK and the Royal Navy’s presence in the region serves as a reassurance and at the same time deters those who may threaten the security and stability of the region.

The Type23 frigate will join other Royal Navy’s ships deployed to the region on an on-going operation to deter illegal use of the shipping lanes used for imports and exports vital to the UK and other country’s economies.

On the way to theatre of operations, HMS Montrose will also be a part of this year’s Response Force Task Group deployment, known as Cougar13, which leaves UK waters this week.

Press Release, August 13, 2013; Image: Royal Navy