Smiths Medical Receives Contract from US Navy

Smiths Medical Receives Contract from US Navy

The United States Navy awarded Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, with a contract to expand the inventory of its Level 1 H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmers aboard the USNS Mercy medical treatment facility hospital ship.

When lives are at stake from significant blood loss due to trauma or major surgery, the Level 1 Fast Flow fluid warmer provides a rapid flow of normothermic blood and I.V. fluids. Even a small drop in body temperature can be detrimental, delaying recovery or allowing infection to set in. Level 1 H-1200 Fast Flow fluid warmers allow rapid infusion of blood or I.V. fluids at body temperature.

“Serving the men and women of the USNS Mercy, and those who find care aboard her, with the highest quality medical equipment is an honor and a privilege for Smiths Medical,” said Srini Seshadri, President, Smiths Medical. “Our Level 1® convective and fluid warming devices have long been known for outstanding dependability and performance, important qualities to all caregivers and patients, but particularly vital to those in remote locations.”

The USNS Mercy provides rapid, flexible, and mobile acute medical and surgical services to support Marine Corps air and/or ground task forces deployed ashore, Army and Air Force units deployed ashore, and naval amphibious task forces and battle forces afloat.

Press Release, August 15, 2013; Image: US Navy