Taiwanese Navy Shows Off Hsiung Feng III Road-Mobile Launcher Carrier


The Taiwanese Navy has unveiled a prototype road-mobile launcher carrier for the supersonic Hsiung Feng III (Brave Wind) anti-ship cruise missile at the biennial Taipei Aerospace and Defense Technology Exhibition (TADTE), Defence News writes.

The Hsiung-feng III missile is designed in such a way that it can be operated as a ship-to-ship, land-attack or anti-radar missile.

With a speed equaling to 3Mach, the short-range, surface-to-surface cruise missile, developed by Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST), is aimed at intercepting enemy vessels and land-based targets at ranges of up to 130km regardless of weather conditions.

Taiwan’s Cheng Kung-class vessels along with certain Ching Chiang-class patrol ships and Ingalls Shipbuilding-built Kidd-class destroyers feature  Hsiung Feng III missiles.

The exhibition is taking place at Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan from 15 to 18 August.

Naval Today Staff, August 16, 2013