Aussie Visitors Remind US Navy Officer of His Past

Aussie Visitors Remind US Navy Officer of His Past

As an alumnus of the Australian Defence College, it was with great pride that the Executive Officer of USS Preble, Commander (CDR) Jeff Heames, welcomed 45 students and staff members of the Australian Defence College onboard the American guided-missile destroyer for a tour, while the ship was alongside at Fleet Base East.

CDR Heames was the only United States Navy officer on exchange during his course at the ADC in 2012.

“Attending the Australian Defence College was a terrific experience, both professionally and personally,” said the United States native.

“The partnership with the Australian National University (ANU) provided a rigorous, relevant and challenging curriculum that offered unique perspectives and insights to the many challenges facing Australia and the surrounding region,” he said.

ADC staff and students toured various areas of the ship, including living spaces, the bridge, the combat information centre, helicopter hangars, the central control station and the vessel’s engineering spaces.

The visit was a unique experience for the current ADC staff and students, who discussed their views with the ship’s Executive Officer.

“I most enjoyed discussing the current focus of study at the college, Australian Defence policy,” CDR Heames said.

CDR Heames spent one year in Australia while he completed the course, with his wife Stephanie and their two boys, Truman, age 4 and Griffin, age 2, accompanying him during his stay.

“My family and I treasure the experiences we had in Australia – and it is a real thrill to be back among our Aussie mates, and bringing USS Preble to the world-class Sydney Harbour.”

Following a year of study at the college and more recently a joint exercise, CDR Heames has developed positive views of his Australian counterparts.

“Australians are industrious, capable, and dependable,” CDR Heames said.

“I find them to have a strong work ethic and zeal for living.”

“Any visit to Australia is always welcomed, and I have no doubts that
this trip was a memorable one for all the crew,” he said.

Press Release, August 19, 2013; Image: Australian Navy