USS Theodore Roosevelt Starts Fast Cruise

USS Theodore Roosevelt Starts Fast Cruise

Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) began fast cruise by executing a simulated sea and anchor detail in Newport News, Va., Aug. 19.

The simulated sea and anchor detail was a crucial step in ensuring the crew is ready to return Theodore Roosevelt to the fleet after a four-year refueling and complex overhaul.

“The purpose of this evolution is for Sailors to achieve what they’ve been training to do for the past four years,” said Ensign William Boll, the ship’s boatswain. “We do this so we can get our minds set to act, not react, to not hesitate when orders are given.”

Communication and safety are key elements when working the sea and anchor detail. Boatswain’s mates must ensure safety measures are followed and communicate with the bridge and windlass while loading and unloading the 30-ton anchor. A lapse in these areas could quickly turn any sea and anchor detail into a dangerous situation.

“We go on station an hour before we do anything to make sure everything works,” said Seaman Saul Bueno, a member of the sea and anchor detail. “We really take precautions, you have to in here.”

Numerous precautions are taken during the evolution. there is a safety brief at the beginning of each event. Sailors must remove rings, watches and anything hanging from their uniforms as well as wear protective gear, such as hardhats, ear plugs and goggles. Hospital Corpsmen also stand by in case a casualty occurs.

Sea and anchor detail exercises prepare the ship’s Sailors to conduct real-world evolutions safely and efficiently as they make Theodore Roosevelt ready for operations.
Press Release, August 22, 2013; Image: US Navy