VIDEO: HMS Argyll Sails through Panama Canal

 HMS Argyll Sails through Panama Canal

The Plymouth-based Royal Navy warship HMS Argyll has left her South Atlantic patrol and is the way home through the Panama Canal.

Sailing two seas in one day – the 50-mile long canal allows ships to sail between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans in just ten hours and the crew took the time to improve their fitness by racing the ship through the canal by static rowing machine.

The 67 sailors rowed 80.47 kilometres, all rowed at least 1,000 metres with some rowing more – all of them straining to ensure the distance was covered in the shortest possible time.

Leading Physical Training Instructor Baz Chambers said:

“This event was put on to inject some fun and competitive spirit into our Panama Canal transit. The rowers beat the ship by two hours, eight minutes and 26 seconds which shows the commitment and the levels of fitness onboard.”

HMS Argyll has just finished an intense period of counter-narcotics operations in the Eastern Pacific.

She has made the spectacular journey through the canal to continue her deployment and will now take part in further counter-narcotics work and regional engagement visits before returning to her Devonport home next month.

Press Release, August 23, 2013; Image: Navy