Canada: Arnomendi Sets Sail for 2013 NAFO Campaign

Arnomendi Sets Sail for 2013 NAFO Campaign

Spanish offshore patrol boat Arnomendi has set sail from Cartagena towards Newfoundland waters (Canada) to participate in the 2013 protection campaign of NAFO fishing grounds.

Spain participates in this seasonal campaign providing naval assets to the European Union to perform monitoring and surveillance tasks of the trawlers fishing in the area.

Arnomendi will integrate into the NAFO campaign for 42 days starting on September 3rd. After the two-month deployment, the patrol boat will return to her home port in Cartagena on October 24th.

With a crew of 38 people plus a medical doctor, the patrol boat ‘Arnomendi’ belongs to the Maritime Action Force with home base in Cartagena (Murcia). For this specific campaign, NAFO inspectors and EFCA (European Fisheries Control Agency) coordinators will also embark in two scheduled rotations.

Press Release, August 26, 2013; Image: Spanish Navy