US Navy Destroyers Ready for Strike on Syria, If Needed

The US Navy destroyers are ready and waiting for Obama’s call to strike the Syrian regime’s assets, according to the Washington Times.

Namely, USS Mahan, USS Gravely, USS Barry and USS Ramage, armed with 90 tomahawk cruise missiles each, are currently in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The ships have been positioned in the area as a way of being prepared for a potential response to a chemical weapons attack carried out by the Syrian regime on rebels and civilians, killing from 300 to 1,300 people.

The defense officials pointed out that the destroyers are in position if needed, but they have received no tasking to this point.

What is more, submarines, equipped with cruise missiles, have also been deployed to the region; however their positions are classified because they have special operations troops onboard.

USS Harry S. Truman, which recently entered the Mediterranean, would focus on operations in Afghanistan and is not expected to be part of any military campaign on Syria, the defense officials further added.

Naval Today Staff, August 27, 2013