Royal Netherlands Navy Supports Dutch Trade Interests in Russia

Royal Netherlands Navy Supports Dutch Trade Interests in Russia

The Royal Netherlands Navy ships HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën and HNLMS Friesland are currently moored in St. Petersburg for the NEVA maritime exhibition.

The NEVA exhibition is one of the biggest international trade fairs in the world for international shipping, shipbuilding and offshore energy technology.

High-quality and innovative
As examples of high-quality and innovative Dutch shipbuilding, HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën, an air-defence and command frigate, and HNLMS Friesland, an ocean-going patrol vessel, are in St. Petersburg to promote Dutch trade interests.

Arie Kraaijeveld, Chairman of the Stichting Nederland Maritiem Land (Maritime Nation Netherlands Foundation) emphasised the importance of the Royal Netherlands Navy’s presence.

“Our international trade partners can now see for themselves what Dutch shipbuilders are capable of. Thanks to intensive cooperation between the Royal Netherlands Navy, Dutch shipbuilders and Dutch research centres, we are well equipped for designing and building such modern and innovative ships.”

Press Release, October 03, 2013; Image: Defensie