The Mediterranean: Brilliant Mariner 2013 Gains Momentum

Brilliant Mariner 2013 Gains Momentum

One week into the exercise, Brilliant Mariner 2013 is gaining momentum and Task Force 445 (TF445) is keeping pace. So far, the units participating in the exercise have been conducting “serialised” exercises, ranging from gunnery practise to anti-submarine and anti-aircraft drills. This helped the 23 ships composing the task force to increase their ability to communicate and work in harmony with each other.

Now the dynamic part of the exercise is about to begin in earnest: Task Force 445 will have to adapt to the swifter evolution of the exercise’s scenario and to use all its assets to ensure it can step up to the operational standards of the NATO Response Force (NRF).

Brilliant Mariner 2013 Gains Momentum1

As the Commander of Allied Maritime Command, Vice Admiral Hudson, said while visiting the Task Force: “The operational capabilities involved in Brilliant Mariner 13 are a visible manifestation of that binding power of the seas; capabilities that can offer the utility of political choice and strategic flexibility, a broad spectrum of joint effects, close interoperability and an important means of operational cooperation with partners.”

Morale is high on the ships composing TF445, due in part to the very good weather off the southern coast of Italy and ships companies being undoubtedly buoyed-up by the positive success of the NAC Sea Day on 30 September.

TF445 will now have to respond to the increasingly demanding crisis scenario which will reach full intensity as the end of the exercise nears.

“All will come away from this with the clearest impression that we work at our best when we work together,” Vice Admiral Hudson said.

Press Release,October 7, 2013; Image: NATO ACO