South African Navy to Strength Relations with Neighbouring Countries

The South African Ship Spioenkop is expected to head for a patrol mission today, according to the SABC.

The ship is being sent on a month-long patrol aimed at strengthening South African Navy’s relations with its African counterparts.

SAS Spioenkop is the third of four Valour class frigates of the South African Navy built by the European South African Corvette Consortium.

The ship is 121m long and 18 meters wide.

The frigates of this class were built to a modern stealth design to avoid enemy radar and infrared detection.

The ship is distinctive with a new propulsion system, comprising of a water-jet drive, in addition to two propellers.

During the patrol, SAS Spioenkop will attend a sea show in Senegal, and visit some African countries.

She is expected to return home at the end of November.

Naval Today Staff, October 09, 2013