Stunning Landscape Welcomes HMS Richmond

Stunning Landscape Welcomes HMS Richmond

She is just a mere speck on the horizon when compared to the grandeur of her surroundings.

The 5,000 tonne HMS Richmond has paid a brief visit to South Georgia, in the South Atlantic, where her company looked on in awe at the two mile wide and four mile long, Nordenskjöld Glacier in East Cumberland Bay.

The waters around the glacier are not regularly charted so it was with some caution that Richmond made her approach, looking out for icebergs.

The approach to the glacier afforded a stunning photo opportunity with the ship’s embarked photographer Leading Hand Gaz Weatherston taking the opportunity to capture the mood in the cold light of the Austral spring.

HMS Richmond was only in South Georgia for a few days before continuing with her South Atlantic patrol tasking.

The Atlantic Patrol see the Type 23 frigate undertake maritime security operations, including counter narcotics and anti piracy patrols, providing opportunities to work with a number of other navies to further strengthen ties and demonstrate the Royal Navy’s commitment to the region.

Press Release, October 23, 2013; Image: Royal Navy