HMAS Success Returns to Sea

HMAS Success Returns to Sea

HMAS Success returned to sea on 25 October and has commenced Sea Qualification Trials and a Unit Readiness workup package.

The significant milestone marked the end of a complex refit package, which included an extensive docking, considerable engineering plant overhaul and structural work.

Commander Australian Fleet RADM Tim Barrett, AM, CSC, RAN and Commander Surface Force CDRE Jonathan Mead, AM, RAN were on the wharf to farewell the ship, and were visibly proud of what their personnel and supporting agencies had achieved.

The crew enjoyed a period of calm reflection as Success sailed through the harbour on a picturesque Sydney day, relishing in the end result of their efforts.

Commanding Officer, Captain Allison Norris said her ship’s company had put in many hours of hard work to return the battle tanker to sea.

“Every department on the ship put in substantial effort to get Success seaworthy.  Their willingness to come together as a team to get he job done was outstanding.”

“The engineering department’s commitment and dedication to progressing an intricate Test and Trials program among a busy whole ship program was particularly noteworthy,” said Captain Norris.

Success has now started Sea Qualification Trials and a Unit Readiness workup package.  The ship achieved alongside Mariner Skills Evaluation (MSE) on 16 October and are expected to attain Unit Readiness Certification by the end of 2013, in preparation for a busy operational program in 2014.

The familiar silhouette of Success is now back at sea, ready to RAS.

Press Release, October 28, 2013; Image: Australian Navy


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