Drum Cussac Delivers Anti-Piracy Training Programme for Malagasy Navy

Drum Cussac Delivers Anti-Piracy Training Programme for Malagasy Navy

Drum Cussac Ltd, the leading global business risk consultancy, has delivered an anti-piracy training programme for the Malagasy Navy at the Naval Base in Diego Suarez, Madagascar.

It is the first time that a private company has been permitted to partner with the Malagasy Navy.
A team of Drum Cussac’s highly skilled and experienced risk management consultants worked closely with thirty Malagasy Naval personnel to enhance the Navy’s anti-piracy capability when operating in an offshore environment.

Drum Cussac Delivers Anti-Piracy Training Programme for Malagasy Navy
Although reported cases of offshore security incidents in East Africa have fallen recently, the rapid development of Madagascar’s offshore oil and gas industry has led to a growing need for more robust security in the region.

UK-headquartered Drum Cussac provides risk mitigation and security solutions for the oil and gas, energy, maritime and logistics sectors. The company is well-placed to work with the Malagasy Navy based on the strength of its experience in helping organisations address the multiple challenges faced when operating in complex regions where threats from piracy and criminality exist on a daily basis.

“Our training helps build credible and professional security teams that are capable of conducting anti-piracy and security duties generally,” said Andrew Nicholson, Director Offshore at Drum Cussac. “The training will assist the Malagasy Navy in providing a secure environment for the region’s offshore oil and gas sector. We have worked closely with the Malagasy authorities, agencies and regulators over a 12-month period and we hope to continue this relationship by delivering further projects in the region.”
General de Brigade Rabeharindranto, Director of Defence for the Malagasy Military, added: “This was pragmatic training delivered by Drum Cussac and has given our men additional knowledge and skills to conduct anti-piracy operations.”

Drum Cussac has a proven track-record of working alongside the oil and gas industry and foreign governments in Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, to create local capabilities that establish an environment in which companies can operate safely. The company has built a deep understanding of the need for proportionate security and risk mitigation measures to secure its customers’ people, assets, reputation and profitability. It currently supports African operations in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar and the Mozambique Channel.

Press Release, December 02, 2013; Image: Drum Cussac