Surgery Conducted aboard Ukrainian Frigate

Surgery Conducted aboard Ukrainian Frigate1

On November 28, the medical staff of the Hetman Sahaydachny frigate from Ukraine, participating in the NATO’s Ocean Shield counter-piracy operation, completed an appendectomy aboard the ship.

The gas machine-room operator needed the emergency aid. A group of medical personnel led by Lt. Col. Serhiy Artemenko, took decision to operate the patient immediately; the frigate dropped anchor to create more favorable conditions. As a result, the two-hour surgery was successfully completed and the patient feels good now. It was the first surgery of Serhiy Artemenko, a qualified doctor, on board the ship.

Admiral Yurii Ylyin, Ukrainian Navy Commander, thanked the personnel and praised their professionalism and decisiveness.

Press Release, December 2, 2013; Image: Ukrainian MoD


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